Our Rescue and network of safehouses was formed many years ago and has a lot to thank Teressa Cole for. The success today is down to the solid foundation it was given by her.

The Birman Cat Club Welfare and Rescue became a registered charity on 17th February 2008. One of the benefits of this was that we could register for VAT and more importantly Gift Aid.. On the 6th December 2012, our name was amended to Birman Welfare and Rescue.

The Birman Welfare and Rescue is a stand alone charity and is not connected to the Birman Cat Club, we are a seperate entity and are completely self funding

Registered charities have to obey a number of rules and regulations set out in charity law one of these is to appoint trustees . We now have seven trustees, their names and email addresses are below. All the trustees are voluntary as are the rescue team, who give their time and energy free of charge. At the head of the rescue is our UK Co-ordinator Angie Walker. She is responsible for the day to day running and organisation, transporting and caring for rescues and also heads most of the fund raising activities.We have a network of safe houses throughout the UK, which are manned by our team of devoted foster carers. Angie and the team work very closely and support each other especially when times are sad. Along with all this we have the support of many Birman breeders and owners; not forgetting all of you reading this now.

If you would like to contact the rescue at any time your first port of call is with your nearest regional contact or Angie or any of our Trustees.

Angie Walker. Uk Co-ordinator.

07980 719758
Bob Semos

0208 3091586
Geoffrey Tarr

01892 653861
Jeni Baldwin. Treasurer.

01494 440355
Jim Warrender. Secretary.

0114 2831793
Michelle Harte

01785 614676
Pat Williams

01793 824708