Shani and Cashi are 16 year old blue point brothers that have come into Birman Rescue. Sadly their owner has gone into a nursing home and is no longer able to look after them.

We first heard about these special boys when their breeder called and asked if we could help in finding a home for them. They were living in their home with carers going in to feed them and empty litter trays etc. I was sent a photograph of them and on paper they looked okay. I asked that they were taken to the vets for a check up as they had not been for some time, vaccinations being well out of date. I requested a full check up with geriatric blood tests.

The results showed deteriation of liver and kidneys and also a heart defect with Cashi. At this stage the boys were not under the BCC Welfare and Rescue umbrella and we were told they were being “cared for” and able to stay in their home until the end of September. Well September came and went and still not a single person came forward offering a home to the boys. Rescue was full to bursting and I suggested that the breeder contacted another breed club rescue to ask for help in temporary accommodation, sadly they could not help.

Due to a change in our circumstances within 2 days Shani and Cashi were in our care.

First stop was a visit to the vets... I cannot believe that these Birmans had supposedly been cared for ...the degree of neglect was far more than 3 months.

Both boys were totally infested with fleas; their coats were filthy and heavily matted to a degree that they could not stretch their legs out. Cashi has an infection and is also aneimic along with severe renal problems and a heart problem. He only weighs 3kg. Despite this is the most loving trusting boy ever! Shani on the other hand has escaped his ordeal with no medical problems other than being underweight. Amazing!!

They have been in our care for a few weeks now and Cashi is on antibiotics and Fortekor. They have been de flead and bathed. They have been dematted and groomed. They are unrecognisable from the cats that came in to us.

The vet bills for these brothers is already in excess of £700 and rising.

23rd November update. Cashi has deteriorated a lot since he came into our care. Despite eating really well he has lost weight. His white blood cell count has "gone through the roof". The vet asked us to take him and have him put to sleep as he didnt think he would last much longer. Well Cashi was not going to give up without a fight....when we took him back today he had stabalised so he has a reprieve!! He has gone back onto antibiotics and will return in 2 weeks for weighing and re run the blood tests.

We are desperate to get these brave brothers in a home. Our safe houses are lovely but not a lap infront of a fire .................................................................................................

November 29th 2011 ------ We have fantastic news...The boys have been given a home!! Birman Rescue will pay their vet bills so we are keeping the appeal open.

Updates of their progress will be on this page.

Here is the latest email from their new owner...

Over a week now since they arrived and all is well. Shani is putting on weight and is starting to realise he has a home. At first he tended to keep his distance from me and hiss/growl if I tried to make too much fuss so I deliberately have left him to make progress at his own pace. He now comes and asks me to be stroked so we are starting to bond nicely. He comes downstairs looking for food if he thinks I’m a bit slow with room service (they always have water and biscuits available in their room but sometimes they have cleaned their bowls of meat); he also appears when he realises it might be more fun to be with me.

Cashi is totally adorable and has the sweetest temperament of any cat I have met. If love could heal him he would be the fittest cat ever – I love him so much and he loves everyone and everything. He is always ready for stroking and cuddling. He stays in his room until I bring him downstairs - then he happily explores. I took him onto the grass in the back garden last Saturday but we haven’t been out since as it has been so cold. He sits on my lap, my shoulder or drapes himself over my head when I watch TV. If I am working at the computer or sorting paperwork he sits on a chair or on the desk beside me. Of course often he is sleeping but I like to have him close whenever possible. He always has water and food beside him wherever he is. Despite what seems to be his very weak back legs he has jumped onto the chairs a couple of times and has climbed up the stairs much to my surprise.

Cashi takes his daily pill and of course drinks copiously. Sadly Cashi is not putting on any weight despite eating very well. However he is obviously happy and not in any pain or discomfort -- no deterioration from when I collected them last week. I can assure you he has very comfort and so much love. I let him have little adventures to keep life interesting such as going into the garden, sitting in front of the fire, sitting in the sunshine – all carefully supervised and ensuring he does not do too much and get tired or stressed. Although I knew I would not have him for long losing him will be so very hard; I just cannot describe how much I love him and want to protect him and care for him.

Janet X

February 19th 2012 update ---

I am sorry to announce that sadly Cashi has been put to sleep. He struggled over the last few weeks and the vet said his internal organs were all closing down. There was nothing we could do for him except save him from suffering. Bless you Cashi xx