Raffles is a seal tabby point and was taken into our care on August 3rd 2010, after being abused by two Bulldogs and their owners. He weighed just 2kg and was in a very sad way, both physically and mentally. He was terrified of anything that moved and would dart frantically into walls and doors in an effort to escape.
It took just one look for me to take him into my arms and promise him he was safe and no one would ever hurt him again. First stop was a visit to the vets for an examination and the dreaded blood tests.

This sad little boy was covered in cuts in various stages of healing, had problems with his breathing and teeth missing. His back claws were almost non existent and caked in blood. Most frightening were the injuries I couldn’t see, deeply set in his brain…Fear. He had no reason to trust me or any human ever again.

A month later Raffles was strong enough to have a general anaesthetic to enable the vet to X-ray and try and find the cause for his breathing difficulties. Poor boy had teeth that had been broken off at the root these had to be removed, trauma to his chest and nose both of which had become infected, a camera inserted in his lungs showed they were damaged and “gunk” had built up, this was washed out.

Raffles is such a fighter, his strength of character puts most of us humans to shame. Goodness only knows exactly what he has lived through in the five short years of his life. After four weeks of love and care he now jumps on my knee and allows me to kiss him and plays fetch with a glitter ball.

There is still a long way to go for this special case not to mention expensive vets bills, I anticipate they will easily reach £1000.

I have launched a fund especially for Raffles. I will be taking the Birman Welfare & Rescue Stall to the BOB Cat show at Bracknell on September 18th and holding a “Open House Afternoon“ at my home on October 3rd. If you would like to donate to this incredible boy please email me or visit us in Bracknell.

Since launching this appeal I have already received over £200 in donations. On behalf of Raffles thank you so much.

Angie Walker
UK Co-Ordinator
E: birmanwelfare@aol.co.uk | T: 01785 251609

SEPTEMBER 11th 2010

Raffles' confidence has continued to improve and he is much more relaxed. He is now learning to trust friends and family, he now sits on my husband’s knee, which I am secretly quite jealous of! He has gained a little weight but is still below 3kg. The blood results have shown he is very anaemic. The good news is that his kidneys and liver appear to be functioning as they should.

His lungs however are a different story. They have been damaged leaving him with bronchial problems. We are hoping to try a new medication next week. It is very expensive but thanks to all the donations this will be possible.

Thank you so much for your continued support, donations are now up to £490!

Angie & Raffles

SEPTEMBER 18th - Update

Well what can I say....

We have had some fantastic news. Raffles is no longer anaemic!! His medication is working and we can now rule out a tumor.

We still have a way to go, he has started medication to boost his immune system. No more blood tests for 2 weeks.

Thank you for your continued support and thoughts for this very special little rescue.


OCTOBER 5th - Update

October 3rd was Raffles “big day!” I held an open house fund raising day at my home in Stafford. Although rain threatened to spoil the day it was a huge success, enjoyed by all, not least Raffles.

We raised a staggering £1330 on the day which was unbelievable! Thank you to everyone who attended, it was an unforgettable day.

Raffles has continued to improve and has now started a course of steroids to see if it helps his noisy breathing. This though may well be just part of Raffles that will always be there. It certainly doesn’t bother him! He also has periodic blood tests and all is well with the results. He now weighs just over 3kg, a massive improvement on the 2kg just 9 weeks ago.

The appeal for Raffles has now closed at almost £2350. Thank you to everyone who donated either by way of money, goods or just your positive thoughts and good wishes.

I will continue to update this page until Raffles is ready to go to his new home, a happy day for him but one I dread!

Love Angie and Raffles xx

NOVEMBER 3rd - Update

Raffles has been with me for three months and has now reached his final hurdle. Tomorrow he will start his vaccinations concluding in three weeks time. Raffles has continued to grow in self confidence and is loved by all who meet him. His weight has now stabilised at 3.3 kg which is such an improvement. He will never be a massive cat but what he lacks in size he makes up for in character.

There is a wonderful home waiting for this special rescue to go to in Dorset. I am going to miss him so very much but as the old cliché goes… I love him enough to let him go……


NOVEMBER 26th - Update

Raffles went to his new home yesterday and seems to have settled in really well, playing, eating, using the litter tray and then lying in front of the log fire! I am sure he has forgotten me already.

He has gone to live in a place called Stallbridge Weston in Dorset. Its a small hamlet in the middle of nowhere, the country road leading to it is then a dead end, so very safe. There are about 20 cottages there, it's lovely, though not in heavy snow like last night.

This photo was taken a few days before he embarked on this new chapter in his life. What a long way he has come. I took his bed, scratching post/tree, blankets, litter tray and bowls with him to try and ensure a happy transition. There will always be a home for him here with me if things don't work out in the longer term, although he will then become the resident rescue at the Walker home as I would not rehome him again.

I miss him very much and it seems empty without him, but it would have been very selfish of me not to have given him this chance of individual love and attention.

Be lucky my little friend...

Angie xx

DECEMBER 22nd - Update

Raffles has now been in his new home for almost a month. He has settled so well, in fact I am sure I am now just a very distant memory. I am in constant contact with his new owners, Sally and Chris, who are over the moon with their new family member. I have included the last email I had from them also the new photos.

Some people find it difficult to understand how so much of my life is taken up with rescues, and all on a voluntary basis. Well the answer is here in these photos. No money could ever buy this !!

I would like to wish all Raffles supporters a happy Christmas and a healthy New Year!

Angie xx

Hi Angie,

Raffles is wonderful He's completely made himself at home now. Thank you so much.

We've bought more of the sparkly balls which he really does love, doesn't he? You were right about Raffles not being too interested in outdoors yet. He seems happy in at the moment. I'll send you more photos as we take them.

All the best for Christmas and New Year. Will keep in touch.

Sally and Chris

MARCH 2011 - Raffles settled in his new home
JUNE 2011 - Update

Who would have thought this was the same cat that I thought would never make it through the night? My special little man I will never forget you Raffles xxxx