All homes are visited by a member of our team and/or a vets reference is obtained prior to adoption. This is to offer help and advice, enabling our homeless Birman's to settle in as quickly and comfortably as possible.

All rescues are neutered,micro chipped and inoculations, if required, are brought up to date.

A safe garden is a garden that is not close to a busy road, or other dangers to cats, should your cat manage to get out.

You are asked to complete and sign an adoption form, please read this carefully before signing. To enable us to continue our high standards and keep caring for future rescues, you will be expected to make a minimum donation of £125 per cat to the Charity for each cat adopted, younger cats and kittens will be more. A lower donation will be accepted for older cats, please discuss this with our Co-ordinator. This is not payment for the cat, but a donation to the Charity and is non-refundable.

If you are enquiring about a rescue please remember you are responsible for the collection.

When enquiring about a rescue please try not to call on a Sunday. We are all voluteers and try to keep Sundays for our families.





Seamus and Rafferty are a pair of male Birmans coming into our Nottingham safehouse for rehoming due to their owner relocating and they are unable to take them with them. Seamus is a blue point and Rafferty a chocolate tabby point. Both cats are 11 years old and are neutered, micro chipped and up to date with vaccinations.
They have been used to living in the country and using a cat flap although we recommend they are kept in for at least 3 weeks and not let out unsuperviced until they have got used to their new home.

Both cats are in excellent health although the vet did recommend renal food to protect kidneys, neither cats are in renal failure.

We are looking for a home with no other cats and no dogs. Both cats are used to older children.

For more details please email Angie -

Colour: Chocolate & Blue
Age: 11
Sex: Male




LAST UPDATED 14/11/2018